Aleksandr Krutiy
Aleksandr Krutiy

Position in company:

Senior partner, attorney-at-law.

Where did you study (higher education)?

Academy of Municipal Administration, Faculty of Law.

What is your work experience?

I began my work activity with joining the team of State Guard Service of Ukraine (SGS). My professional career began in 2003 in the General Directorate of Pension Fund of Ukraine in Kyiv. There I started from the appointment to the position of Chief Specialist of information outreach (with assignment of the 11th rank, Category VI of civil servant), up to Deputy Chief of Legal Department, providing the work of General Directorate. Then I decided to finish my career of civil servant. In 2005, I got a position of Legal Counsel in “Nissan Ukraine” JV. In 2006, I was transferred to UkrAuto Corporation to the Department of Legal Support of Business Activities. All my following activity was connected with legal support of the large automobile corporation and its related structures. In 2009, due to the need to develop the newly acquired direction, I was transferred to the position of Chief of Legal Department of importer distributor in Ukraine. In 2013, I decided to dedicate myself to my own business that required complete devotion and attention. That is why I left my previous job and continued cooperation previously initiated together with Viacheslav Miienko.

Which areas are you an expert in?

  • Development a strategy of litigation;
  • Optimization of business processes;
  • Contract law;
  • Introduction of a system of legal and economic security of the company, development of internal documentation (instructions, provisions, etc.).

What languages do you speak?

Ukrainian, Russian, English

Why did you choose this company?

After conducting a series of independent projects and close cooperation with Viacheslav Miienko, who is not only my colleague but also my friend, I wondered, why we both keep taking on similar projects in parallel but still do not work together on a common cause. As it turned out Viacheslav had the same question. So I joined Viacheslav on the stage of creation of Smart Solutions Law Group. Looking back, thinking about the time the company started its work, seeing the pace of its development, its present state and new horizons I feel proud of our fruitful activity, joint results and feel sincere joy about it.

What are the strengths of your company?

  • Non-standard approach to the solution of complex issue;
  • The ability to find the way out of any situation;
  • A young and ambitious team;
  • Permanent expansion of “the professional horizon”.

Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

My hobby is shooting at targets shield. I am a member of the club of public formation “Strilets”.

Public activities / social responsibility:

I strongly support the charitable activity of the company conducted through its charitable foundation “Smart Angel”. I am the one of the founders of NGO “Partners of Digital Legal Protection”.

Name 5 projects in professional area:

It is hard to allocate some special projects, as all of them are special and important in the time of their implementation. I will mention some of them:

  • Construction and direct implementation of legal schemes with regard to cooperation in the crisis of trade organizations (importers) and the players of the insurance market resulted in mutual sales increase of each of the project participants.
  • Participation in the development of technical documentation for selling complex household goods and vehicles in terms of their compliance with legislation on consumer protection.
  • Development of the internal documentation and regulations of the company with the purpose to provide economic and legal security of business.
  • Providing the legal and economic security of the investor’s interests during his entering the Ukrainian market (check of personnel security, reliability of contractors, suppliers, the audit of acquired assets, etc.).
  • Development and implementation of the strategy and tactics of legal defense of basic interests of the client (protection of assets, investments, etc.).