Offering Services To Foreigners

Any person, who came to a foreign country or unknown territory, feels uncomfortable. He needs a reliable "guide" to achieve his goal successfully. A similar situation is with business initiatives of foreign citizens – they need to have a reliable partner who is able to accompany by the shortest "path" leading to the desired result.

We offer a wide range of services that would be useful to foreigners who came to Ukraine, and who intend to establish their own business, get a job, become an entrepreneur, or just carry out a business trip.

Procedures, offered in this section, are obligatory and associated with obtaining permits and other documents in government agencies, which are necessary for foreigners to carry out mentioned activities on the territory of Ukraine. Experts of our company will help you to get rid of paper work and resolve all the formalities with the registration of foreign citizens in Ukraine in the shortest possible period, saving time and money.

Obtaining Of Residence Permit

If your intention is to cooperate closely with the Ukrainian market and / or you wish to stay in the country for personal reasons for a period longer than visa allows, you will not be able to circumvent the procedure of obtaining a residence permit.

It is easy to get lost in the wilds of the immigration rules and requirements, but ignorance of the law is no excuse. Experts of our law group will help you to deal with the following questions:

  • How the procedure of registration of foreign citizens is carried out in Ukraine?
  • What is the residence permit?
  • When do you need a temporary residence permit and when permanent? What are their essential difference?
  • What is the immigration quota? How to use it?
  • What is the immigration permit? Who issues it?
  • What is the difference between a temporary residence and immigration?
  • What is the procedure for obtaining a residence permit? How it differs from the procedure of registration of temporary residence in Ukraine?
  • What documents are required for registration of temporary residence for employment and for a residence permit?
  • How long does the procedure for obtaining a residence permit lasts?

Moreover, our experts will take the responsibility in preparing all necessary documents and obtaining documents you need.

Obtaining of Ukrainian Citizenship

Citizenship is a special connection of a person with the state, which provides and regulates their relationships, both within the state and on the international level. It gives a person all fundamental rights and freedoms, allowing him to participate in the state affairs, or to use its protection.

The procedure for obtaining of citizenship of Ukraine is very laborious, lengthy and, unfortunately, bureaucratic process which is accompanied by the performing of a number of mandatory conditions. Moreover, the legislative system in general and the citizenship legislation of Ukraine are often amenable to modification, to keep track of which sometime become impossible for foreigners, who are not familiar with the legislation system of Ukraine.

Experts of Smart Solutions Law Group will help you to simplify the procedure for obtaining citizenship, identify a suitable base to obtain it; at the same time provide full range of services and prepare all necessary documents.

Registration Of Foreigners As Business Entities

Ukraine is not only a country of rich history, spectacular tourist scenery and hardworking people, but also a perspective, interesting object for business. Unfortunately, it will be a bumpy ride for potential investors through the bureaucratic state system, in order to start officially business in Ukraine.

In this situation, it is important to have a reliable legal partner that will help you to start with the correct choice of ownership, tax system, most favorable to the realization of your business ideas. Your legal partner will assist you not to get lost in the complicated legal and regulatory requirements in the way of registration and, subsequently, running a business of your Ukrainian company.

Our Legal Group will give you a hand of legal aid; protect you against possible wrong actions and unnecessary costs. Taking into account the nuances of Ukrainian legislation and individual characteristics of your business, our company will protect you against unpredictable risks. Comprehensive support from the invitations to Ukraine, work permits, service cards and "certificates"; assistance in obtaining of residence permits for foreigners, and to registration of entity of all forms of property or individual entrepreneur, as well as further legal support of your company, bring it to success on the Ukrainian market.

Registration Of Work Permits For foreigners

Each country has its own legal requirements governing the employment of foreigners; Ukraine is`t unique one. Work permits for foreigners, service cards, residence permits, and tax numbers are only a few documents from the list that may be required for the official employment.

Our Law Group will help you to examine the documents related to employment sphere in Ukraine. We will answer the further questions: What documents are required within your individual case? Where and how to obtain them? What is needed to do it? How much does it cost? In what terms will the particular documents be ready? What nuances and threats may appear?

Registration Of Service Cards For Employees Of Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies

Opening a Representative Office of foreign company in Ukraine is a strategically far-sighted decision that allows to explore the market, you are interested in, gather the necessary information about the real supply / demand and potential competitors, represent and support the company’s interests at the local level, thereby providing further basis for successful presence of foreign company in Ukraine. Among others, it is obligatory for foreign staff of Representative Office to have service cards issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Experts of our Law Group will help you to get service cards for employees of a foreign company, and assume the comprehensive preparation of your documents for this procedure. Herewith you will use your working time effectively, adhering to the requirements of migration rules of stay in Ukraine.