Grigorij Anapolev
Grigorij Anapolev

Position in company:

Head of accounting and tax department.

What is your motto?

Responsibility and once again responsibility.

Where did you study (higher education)?

Poltava Engineering Institute

Kyiv Institute of National Economy


1982-2000 - plant of the Ministry of Defense (engineer-deputy chief of the plant for financial and economic issues - chief accountant).

2000-2003 - Entrepreneurship

2003-2014 - the chief accountant of a number of construction companies.

Currently, I hold the position of Head of accounting and tax department of the Legal Group "Smart Solutions".

What are the areas you are an expert in?


Tax accounting.

Tax planning.

What languages do you speak?

Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Why did you choose this company?

Good potential of the young team.