Real Estate Deal Support

Our company is ready to offer you a variety of services related to real estate issues. We guarantee the qualified support of real estate deals, legal assistance at all stages of creation, purchase and use of real estate, including protection of the property owner’s interests. The services of support include:

  Real Estate search;

  Conduction of due diligence (legal audit) of real estate;

  Real Estate deal support;

  Registration of real estate rights;

  the owner’s interests protection.

Due Diligence (Legal Audit) Of Real Estate Deals

Real estate purchase: warehouse, office or country house with a pond, lawn and garden,- is an important decision that should be made after careful consideration, taking into account all possible risks and their minimization. Since in any purchase agreement, always more risks one, who pays.

Purchasing a property, whether it is a warehouse, office space or a country house with a pond, lawn and garden, is an important decision that should be made carefully, taking into account and minimizing all possible risks. Since in any transaction of sale and purchase someone who pays money always runs a risk of more.

Usually it is rather difficult to form an objective opinion about the property, based only on information provided by seller. As an interested party, he can provide incomplete and / or purely subjective information in the style of "I needed this cow the most". After the deal, a happy new property owner could face with unaccounted object story, which will result in additional costs and headache.

Smart Solutions Law Group provides a legal support of real estate deals, assumes responsibility for the implementation of legal audit, researches history and makes a comprehensive review of the property that interests you. Then you can make an objective decision with minimum risks and consequences during as well as after conducting the deal.

Smart Solutions Law Group implementing legal support of real estate deals take responsibility for conducting due diligence, studying the history and comprehensive inspection of the property you are interested in. After that you will be able to take an objective decision with a minimum of risks and effects during and after the deal.

Real Estate Deals Preparation And Support

Purchase, sale, donation, inheritance, exchange, mortgage, management, rent and other real estate deals (property, which cannot be moved without changes in depreciation and destination) are always important events in our business and personal lives. They should not be allowed to chance or leave without proper attention, because they are always associated with considerable sums of money and a set of legally binding measures which must be observed.

You can either spend a lot of time studying the changeable requirements of state registration agencies or standing in endless queues in the territorial bodies of land resources, BTI, State Land Cadastre and State Registration Service of Ukraine; or contact the experts of our Law Group, who will assume these concerns and provide a competent support of real estate deals.

Registration Of Property Rights To Real Estate

The system of state control and regulation cannot omit such an important part of relationships, as real estate deals. You will become an owner and right holder of the property in Ukraine only after you pass a difficult and slow way of state registration. You can do it yourself, knowing that, for example, registration of land ownership (land plots in the surrounding areas of Kyiv region) can take a year or more. Or you can contact the experts of our legal group who will provide legal support of real estate deals at all stages of the process. Our experts will help you to avoid unnecessary negative emotions and take the responsibility for work execution in a short period and for a reasonable fee.

It is important to pay attention at the fact that incorrect or improper preparation of documents may result in denial of real estate state registration. Due to rich experience and high level of knowledge in the sphere of real estate, Smart Solutions Law Group will provide a legal analysis, competent and clear advice on all aspects of property rights registration, as well as a full range of services to support registration procedures at all stages.

We guarantee confidentiality and successful resolution of even the most complex issues.

Obtaining Documents From The Register Of Property Rights To Real Estate, Extract From State Land Cadastre, etc.

Registration of purchase and sale contracts of real estate can be a business, financial necessity or one of the most important goals in our life, but in all the cases, this process is impossible without properly executed documents. Our Law Group will help you initially to select the most efficient way, define all the necessary documents that are required specifically for your type of deal, taking into account the individual characteristics of the situation on preliminary consultation. We will also assist in obtaining all necessary extracts, certificates from the state registers and organizations, as well as in preparation, registration, supporting of real estate deals.