Getting Legal Advice

When we are preparing the legal advice to the client, we do not just answer the particular question but solve the assigned task. Due to the comprehensive legal analysis of each question, from its causes up to desired results, we can guarantee high quality, and most importantly the possibility of practical application of the results. In preparation the legal advice, we thoroughly analyze the problem, study its legal regulation and find the most profitable and suitable solution for the client taking into consideration his wishes and goals. In addition, we are always ready to assist the clients in implementation of management decisions based on the received legal advice.

Legal Advice On All Branches Of Law

Our experts can give you the following kinds of legal aid as legal advice on employment law, economic, civil, criminal, land law. In addition, our lawyers provide legal advice on pension matters, housing, banking, medical, inheritance, family, immigration and many other issues. Our legal advice can be prepared both orally and in writing, by drafting relevant memoranda and conclusions.

Legal Advice On Tax Issues

Tax legislation is perhaps one of the most dynamic branches of law that requires taxpayers’ constant focus on the latest changes and innovations. Herewith, sometimes it can be rather difficult to understand the intricate system of the Tax Code references; the doubts arise about how one or another form of the statute will be interpreted and applied by the tax authorities in practice. Turning to our experts for legal advice in tax matters, you can count on qualified answer not only in terms of the theory of law but also in terms of practice.

Determination Of Reliability Of The Counterparty

Today we often face the fact that we are not able to predict the result of our contractual relationship with the counterparty. How solvent is he? Are there any hidden risks? Can our contract be recognized as invalid, and on what grounds?

However, informal concept of "tax heaven", "transit [country]", "beneficiary" that the tax authorities use so often lead to VAT credit revocation, which is followed by a long appeal against tax authority or administrative court decision.

We can not give you a 100% guarantee, but after spending a little time studying the history and status of your counterparty, you will be able to avoid many problems and unplanned costs.

Legal Advice On The Organization Of Business

All companies are created and developed, subject to the same laws. Understanding these laws it is possible to affect the development of the company, since each stage of its existence requires a correct definition of goals and objectives, roles (functions) in management and positioning the company on the market. Only the company that is efficient and productive in the short and long term reaches its heyday.

No matter at what stage of the life cycle your company is now; it is up to you what lies ahead of it: eternal flourishing or inevitable aging and death.

We are ready to support you with issues related to the organization and development of business. Advising on these issues is topical for both start-ups and long-established companies on the market. The owners of the business and top management are the target audience for this service.

In particular we propose:

  • analysis of the efficiency and productivity of the business, its management, determination of the stage of the life cycle of the company and its units (structural elements);
  • advising on the necessary changes in company (forms and functions (roles), the structure and business management system);
  • construction of matrix of delegation of authority, business processes, development of rules and procedures;
  • check the quality and efficiency of work of its own business units and dealer network in providing services to the end user;
  • the internal audit of the company.