Organization and conduction of negotiations

Conduction of business negotiations is the process of communication between the parties intended to achieve their goals, in which each party has equal opportunities to monitor the situation and decision-making. In narrow sense, negotiations can be regarded as a method of alternative dispute resolution. The effective strategy for negotiation requires special skills and knowledge, the involvement of different specialists and strict compliance with stages from preparation to negotiations, the negotiation process itself and ending with analysis of their results. At the same time, the stage of negotiation process takes only 10-20% of the time you need to spend in order to conduct negotiations proved successful.

Before sitting down at the negotiating table, it should be noted the substantive aspect of negotiations which provides a clear analysis of the problems, the diagnosis of the situation; the formation of a common approach to the negotiations, their objectives, tasks, positions; forecast changes in the situation and the results of, the definition of possible solutions; designing favorable conditions; preparation of proposals and arguments, preparation of necessary documents. In other words, a comprehensive and balanced preparation for negotiations is required. It is important to think about the tactics of negotiations directed towards the choice of methods and means of negotiating, the distribution of roles among the team members, streamlining of working and business relations with a partner.

Ask yourself: how often do you spend time to prepare for negotiations. Do you always make a plan of negotiations and stick to it? Do you spend enough time to analyze the negotiations and results achieved?

We offer you a comprehensive approach to this process, such as the preparation and conduction of negotiations:

  • preliminary agreement of the subject matter with the client, definition of the objectives of the negotiations, development of strategy and tactics of negotiations, analysis of possible ways of course of negotiations, forecasting positions and actions of the participants;
  • personal presence of our specialists (consultants) in negotiations (meetings, online conferences, telephone conferencing);
  • analysis of the negotiations, determination of their success, further actions and positions; presentation of the outcomes of negotiations (in particular, preparation of memoranda, reports, conclusions, contracts, etc.).

Harmonization Of Conditions Of Contracts (Economic, Civil)

We guarantee you quality legal support during the discussion and harmonization of the draft contracts with contractors before they are signed and the coordination of issues related to changes in the existing contractual relations.

Ensuring the conduction of business negotiations, our company will provide you with argumentation and reasonableness of your position, rational evaluation of the proposals of the counterparty, absolute compliance with the existing legislation as well as achievement of desired result in the form of contract concluded on favorable terms for you, preserving a balance of rights and guarantees for both sides.

Determination Of The Conditions Of Partnership With The Joint Conduct Of Business

The development of any business is a complicated and almost unpredictable process. This is why the main task of the partners is to agree on everything in advance. Look before you leap. But how can possible changes in business environment, market and legislation be taken into account?

We are ready to offer you solutions that will allow the partners to minimize the risk of conflict situations, define favorable conditions of cooperation for the parties as well as provide the possibility to implement better control of business and the role of each partner.

We can help you with the development of principles and building a system of mutual relations as well as the process of negotiation and implementation.

Consulting And Representation Of Parties In Conflict Resolution

Unwittingly, you have become a participant in the conflict and do not know how best to proceed? We provide you with support and advice in various spheres of life: economic, banking, insurance, labor, land, family and other disputes.

We will help you to develop a legal position and defend it in negotiations with the opponents for the purpose of peaceful pre-trial settlement of disputes and protection of your interests in the framework of offensive or defensive strategy.

Conciliation Procedures: Mediation And Intercession

If the parties are ready to resolve the dispute through cooperation, we are ready to become the third party, not concerned in the conflict - the mediator or intercessor to help develop a certain agreement on dispute; herewith the parties will continue to fully control the decision-making process on the settlement of the dispute and the conditions of its resolution.

Acting as a mediator or intercessor in the resolution of the conflict, we guarantee our clients full confidentiality, mutual respect and equality of the parties, neutrality and impartiality, transparency of the procedure. Conciliation procedures are an effective solution for the resolution of business, corporate, labor, family and other disputes.

We help our clients to find the most convenient way out of the conflict situation, which equally will take into account and protect the interests of all parties, saving time and money that would be required for juridical proceedings.