This year the company named two new business area partners. They are: Anna Savchenko, who is now a business area partner and a head of corporate and commercial department, and Alexandr Paputsya - a business area partner and a head of litigation department.

Anna was educated at the Vienna National University on the program of the International and European Business Law. Her career began in 2007, in law enforcement agencies, namely the Office for combating economic crime. Since 2014, Anna began working for Smart Solutions Law Group as a lawyer.

From 1998 Alexandr served in the Office of Internal Affairs - department for combating economic crimes. In 2006 he worked in the patent and legal agency "Intellect". Since 2007 became an attorney-at-law, and in 2009 founded his own law firm "ALEKS.I.S" in Donetsk. Last year, Alexander joined Smart Solutions Law Group.

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