Support The Creation Of Business

Completely assuming control over organization and solution of all issues related to the opening and registration of company, including obtaining the necessary permits to perform activities, the development of the company`s structure, the development of enterprise management system, we provide our clients with easy start of their business. We do not just assist in conducting the registration of the legal entity or obtaining specific permission. We support our client at all stages of the process of starting a business from the decision to start a business to the conclusion of the first contracts helping to make the right decisions and minimize the risks connected with business activities.

Creation of Legal Entities And Registration Of Individual Entrepreneurs

Do you want to conduct business? We will assume all issues related to the registration of your legal entity or register you in the status of an Individual Entrepreneur. Preparation of all necessary documents, representation of your interests in all government bodies, queues and payments related to registration is our concern, you are only required the solutions on key issues.

As a result of the provision of services you receive a full set of documents, an active bank account in the specified bank and a seal of the business entity.

In case of need, we are ready to assist in determination of conditions of partnership, office rent, employment of foreign citizens, as well as any related issues.

Re-registration Of Legal Entities And Individual Entrepreneurs

The world around us constantly changes, which requires an appropriate response to these changes. We offer support for the procedure of registration of changes in the statute of business entity: changes in composition of participants, changes of location of legal entity, changes of management units, change of the chief or types of business activities, the creation of separate subdivisions, etc. You can do everything yourself or you can delegate this task for outsourcing those involved in it every day.

Opening Of Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies

The entry of the foreign company to Ukrainian market may be gradual. representative office is the first step that will allow you to:

  • maintain marketing policy and promote your brand, taking advantage of the simplified taxation system;
  • evaluate the market potential and achieve the start trading turnover, allowing to stay on the market for the long term.

It should be noted, that the representative office of the foreign company can obtain the status of permanent representative office and conduct an ordinary business activities on a par with a legal entity. This variant of conducting business has its advantages and disadvantages.

We are ready to assume the full support of starting of any type of representative office in Ukraine, from the first discussion of the purpose of opening a representative office to complex support of ongoing activities of representative office, including personnel records and accounting, legal support, legal advice, particularly on the tax legislation of Ukraine.

We are also ready to assist in office rent, obtaining the official cards for foreign employees of the representative office and any other related issues connected with the current activity of the representative office.

Creation Of Public Or Charity Organization

At the modern stage of social development, the activities of public or charity organizations as the structural elements of society and the formation of civic culture become particularly relevant.

The activities conducted by these organizations provides real conditions conducive to the full expression of the individual as a subject of social relations, allows citizens to influence on legislative process, character and progress of social and cultural programs, to prevent or minimize problems in the sphere of economy, ecology, historical culture, spiritual and moral life. The abovementioned organizations also help to prevent the growth of crime, approve the charity as a social value, and contribute to the strengthening of democracy, humanism, human rights and freedoms.

If you think about the need for creation of such organization, but do not know what form to choose, we will help you to find out their differences. We hope that this information will be useful for you. We offer you to investigate the comparative characteristics of public and charity organizations.

Support Of Procedure For The Acquisition / Sale Of Existing Business

Today the processes of globalization are irreversible, and the transactions of purchase / sale of business have become everyday practice. Herewith the data of the purchase and sale of business have their own specificity and are associated with significant risks for both the seller and buyer of business.

Having all the necessary resources (including lawyers, auditors, appraisers, experts in the IT field), our team is ready to assume complex support of such projects, which depending on customer needs may include:

  • structuring the business sold;
  • Due Diligence (legal audit) of business;
  • organization and support of negotiations between the parties;
  • obtaining permits of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • preparation and support of transactions.

All of these procedures are primarily aimed at minimizing the risks connected with the acquisition or sale of the existing company and properly regulate the relationships between the parties of the transaction.

Accounting Services

If you do not want to delve into the intricacies of accounting, tax accounting and reporting submission, if you are fully engaged into development of your business, our employees can fully assume this function. We offer:

  • development of the accounting policy of the company;
  • processing of primary accounting documents;
  • payroll preparation;
  • filling of accounting and tax registers (1C);
  • preparation and submission of reports;
  • preliminary informing the customers about the financial results of their activities and the planned taxes.

Accounting services may also include preparation of primary accounting documents (payment orders, acts of completed works, invoices, bills). Such cooperation will allocate the additional free time, which can be used for further development of your business.

Learning Center / Center Of Excellence - Accounting And Tax Accounting

As a business leader you understand perfectly well that the prosperity of the company depends on the level of professionalism of every member of your team. This is especially true concerning the accountant, through whose hands and head the turnover of all financial resources of your company takes place. Providing training of accountants, you are guaranteed to invest in the development of your business.

Having received professional training (information about updates in legislation and practical skills) from experts of our company with many years of experience both as an accountant in the company as well as an consulting auditor, and having acquired new methods of accounting, your accountants will become more efficient in accounting and financial analysis of your company, and learn how to use profitable schemes of constructing the transactions in terms of their tax consequences.

The form of such training depends on your choice: seminar for mass audience, personal coaching on the base of your company or visiting session.

Support Of Opening Of Retail Outlets

You have already decided on the direction of your store, worked out the marketing and commercial concept, picked up the placement and thought over design, prepared the grounds for cooperation with suppliers… However, the necessity to obtain numerous permits: to place the retail outlet and advertising, from controlling authorities such as the SES (Sanitary Epidemiology Station) and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, to register cash apparatus, etc, can interfere with realization of your wonderful idea in time.

Perhaps, the best option for you is to invest some money in our services freeing up time and resources for the creative component of your project, resulting in getting a complete package of all necessary permits and approvals in stipulated terms.

Obtaining Licenses And Permits, Product Certification

Some activities are subject to licensing in Ukraine or can be carried out only after obtaining special permits. Sooner or later, regardless of the field of your business, you may need to issue one or another type of licensing documentation, whether the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of the Ministry of Health, certification and registration of measuring equipment or certificates of conformity “UkrSEPRO” or you may need to get an exemption (explanatory) letter of no need of certification.

We are ready to obtain for you all the possible resolutions of the MES, SES, UkrSEPRO, the Ministry of Health, Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies, the Ministry of Environment, Security Service, Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Economy, register technical specifications and many more.

Personnel Documentation, Collective Agreements

Staff is one of the greatest values of any company since the formation of an effective team requires a long period. At the same time the sphere of employment relations remains the most difficult for employer since legislators in many situations primarily protects the interests of the employee as well as the employee, who often does not have a clear idea of his rights.

We will help you to get answers to all your questions, to find and document the balance between the rights and obligations of employee and employer, to resolve the issue of material liability, to organize time tracking in accordance with necessity of your company, all within the limits of the law, we will advise, how to act in situations of conflict or, if necessary, protect your interests in court.

We are ready to assume:

  • HR organization of the company;
  • organization of an appropriate documentation of labor relations with employees;
  • elaboration of the employment contracts, job descriptions, internal documents and regulations of the company (such as work rules, regulations on bonuses, protection of trade secrets and confidential information);
  • development and maintenance of procedures of coordination of collective agreement and its subsequent registration.

Moreover, we offer all kinds of services related to the employment of foreign citizens.

Customs Accreditation

In case, your activity is connected with foreign trade activities (export-import transactions), you will not avoid accreditation at customs. We will provide the proper registration of all necessary documents for accreditation, and assist in their submission to customs authorities and accelerate the process of accreditation.

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary is the sole, independent body of joint stock company (JSC), which provides legal, organizational and technical support and work coordination of the management bodies of JSC as well as exchange of information among them, the shareholders and (or) investor. Thus, Corporate Secretary is the only unit that provides a complete interrelationship between the management and shareholders of the company.

The necessity of existence of Corporate Secretary in joint stock company is defined by the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies", adopted on September 17, 2008.

In companies with large number of shareholders and managers, there is a real need for recruitment of professional staff in the Office of Corporate Secretary that in turn leads to the company's expenses (wages, vacation, sick leaves, workplace organization, installation and maintenance of software, etc.).

We offer you to use a "Corporate Secretary" service, which involves the delegating of functions of Corporate Secretary of JSC to our lawyers, who are specialists in corporate law and management.

Outsourcing And Outstaffing

"Outsourcing" and "Outstaffing" are two closely related but different western terms, which have recently come into our lives and firmly fused with the concept of savings. Once deciding to use them, the company receives a constant source of spending cuts due to the release of financial, organizational and human resources, which allows to focus on the development of new and existing directions to concentrate efforts on core business processes.