Intellectual Property

The most common business need in the sphere of intellectual property is trademark protection, which is nothing but the face of the company, guarantee of a recognized level of quality of products or services, carries information about the image of the owning company.

Legal protection of intellectual property and the assessment of intellectual property is one of the main activity area of our company. We will assist in the protection of intellectual property rights at all possible stages of that protection; from the emergence and registration of rights to the prosecution and litigation related to the violation of your rights. Our company can offer you not only services for the protection of intellectual property rights that have been violated, but, more importantly, the prevention of such violations.

Registration Of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents

In some cases, in order to create an object and obtain intellectual property rights to it, you must go through registration procedures provided for by the current legislation. If you are an expert in this area and can determine by your own:

  • What is the difference between the word mark for goods and services from the figurative mark?
  • In what classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services should it be recorded and how to introduce it correctly to get desired domain in the UA zone?
  • Do you need to register yours copyright?

In this case, it will not be difficult for you to go through the registration procedure correctly. However, if you are uncertain about the way to protect the object of intellectual property you have created and to ensure the rights of heirs (the assignee) to it, we recommend you to seek the assistance from a qualified expert.

Believe that the economic effect of such deal would be unambiguously positive, as it will allow you not only to save time that is required to comply with documentary formalities, but also provide confidence in the legitimacy of your rights.

Transfer Of Rights Of Intellectual Property

We will provide you the proper legal support in all matters related to the transfer of intellectual property and intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine. We provide services for the creating of relevant contracts (contract on alienation of rights, licensing agreements, franchising agreements, etc.), their coordination, tracking transactions, and registration of such rights as well.

Protection Of Intellectual Property

First of all, we try to prove the need of protection of intellectual property in Ukraine and around the world so that you are going to get a real opportunity to:

  • forbid to use your ideas, developments and solutions that will create for you a competitive advantage on the market;
  • create an additional source of income due to complete or partial transfer (sale, licensing) your rights to third parties;
  • meet your personal interests and ambitions of the author receiving confirmation of your non-property rights of the author of create a product or an object;
  • protect your business from unfair competition (including blackmail and an attempt to sell you your trademark) or accidental use by third parties of items that are associated with your company;
  • double the cost for your product or take advantage of tax benefits in the case of patents and other documents confirming your exclusive property rights to intellectual property.

Is that not enough? Of course, proper right protection requires time and financial resources; therefore, this tool must be used firstly for objects representing the core values and the loss of rights that can really affect the activity of the company (domain names, trademarks, utility models, etc.).

It should be recognized that the legislation in the field of intellectual property rights protection is not perfect, but it is sufficiently line with the global standards and trends, that allows bona fide holders to protect their rights and to seek an end to rights violations.

The main problems of intellectual property rights protection related the fact that the government agencies and the courts are not prepared to promptly consider these issues, and the companies clumsily build their protection line and do not make preventions actions to counteract the violators.

Adding Of IPR Objects In The Customs Register

Our company offers services on introducing intellectual property in the Customs Register by which the customs authorities are involved in the protection of intellectual property rights and prevent the import of counterfeit goods on the territory of Ukraine. Services on introducing intellectual property rights in the Customs Register include the preparation of all necessary documents, their submission to the customs authorities and control of the registration process.