Structuring A Business

For existing business, sooner or later there comes the moment when the need to structure a business can be the necessary condition for development and investment, and the fragmentation of structural elements of a group of companies and lack of effective management lead to stagnation. A detailed analysis of business, identification of its strengths and weaknesses, and submitted recommendations will help in adoption and implementation of appropriate management decisions.

Buying a business or changing the structure of the already working company, the customer’s awareness on existing risks can play a key role in negotiating the terms of the agreement by parties or planning the stages of reorganization.

An expert knowledge and experience in many directions is necessary for optimal structuring of business. The team of experts of Smart Solutions Law Group is ready to provide such knowledge as well as competent practical assistance in business management.

Due Diligence (Legal Audit) Of Business

Do you want to understand what the potential risks exist, and get the answer to the question of how to minimize them? That is the question on which the owner of business is usually lacking of time and efforts to answer. However, for a potential investor this is a confidence that the purchased asset will remain profitable and that he will get the income he counted on, when concluding the agreement.

Due Diligence procedure involves the identification and assessment of legal, financial, tax and other risks, provision of advice on which you make a decision how to reduce risks, their delegation or acceptance. This procedure can be carried out both in the interests of the owner and potential investor, or for subsequent structuring of your group of companies.

We offer to conduct a comprehensive due diligence. The procedure involves business analysis, covering financial, tax, legal and IT aspects; analysis of financial flows, the structure of management of the company or group of companies, etc. We also offer a selective due diligence procedure: separately on the client`s interests.

International Planning And Structuring A Business

If you have a need to optimize the business and its structure in order to protect your assets, reduce the tax burden or construct a reliable system of management of a group of companies, you have come to the right place.

We help our clients in the implementation of business projects, international investment projects that accompany the process of introducing of non-residents (both legal entities and individuals) into the business structure and assist in the further development of this business.

These services usually include:

  • analysis of business and its current structure;
  • construction of corporate structure, system of ownership and management of business;
  • assist in the establishment of companies abroad, particularly in offshore areas and areas with low taxation (Cyprus, Panama, BVI, Andorra and others);
  • international tax planning;
  • implementation of business projects in Ukraine.

Registration Of Companies Abroad And Their Support

Registration of a company is a process that often precedes the onset of any business and is inextricably associated with it in the future. If usually there are no problems with registration of companies in Ukraine, the registration of the companies abroad requires an obligatory support of the specialist.

Registration of the company and its subsequent support are carried out according with the legislation of the country of registration. In order to obtain all the benefits and advantages provided by the law of individual states you first need to choose the form of your presence in the territory of the states: whether it is a company, foundation, Representative Office or Trust. Depending on the jurisdiction, specific requirements are imposed to the company registration.

Opening Foreign Bank Accounts

An important factor that affects the stable operation and development of business is the selection of servicing bank.

The choice of the bank will influence the opportunities the client will receive. For example, the possibility of lending, savings accounts and settlement accounts, merchant accounts and other benefits / options for the client.

Support Of Liquidation And Bankruptcy Of Companies

The realities of business practice are that sooner or later some structures are dying and new structures take their place. This can happen due to difficult financial situation or simply because of the "dummies" that have already played their role.

At the same time, it is much easier to create a company than to close it. Using our practice and knowledge, we will help you to find the best options depending on your goals, time and financial resources you are ready to devote to this issue.

We will take care of all issues related to the bankruptcy and liquidation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, including the accounting and the provision of the liquidator, so you will get the expected result at the agreed time, without spending your own time and efforts.