Preparation And Maintenance Of Contracting. Examination Of Contracts.

Помощь при заключении договоровWhen concluding civil contracts as key links in the chain of business relationships and their legal expertise, we are guided by the principles of literacy, accessibility, clarity, brevity, efficiency, maximum compliance with the existing agreements of the parties. We do not offer classical way of the preparation of the contract template; we prepare the individual contracts and comprehensive contractual schemes that meet the requirements of each client. Preparing of contracts includes such aspects as:

  • full compliance of terms of the contract with law;
  • clear reflection of existing agreements between the parties;
  • protection of interests of the parties and minimization of risks;
  • analysis of tax consequences and optimization of taxation.

In addition, we perform analysis and legal examination of contracts that are already in operation, in order to identify risks and prevent negative consequences for the client by their implementation; we also provide recommendations for modification or cancellation of contracts.

Business Schemes Implementation: The Development Of Complex Transactions

Our services include not only preparation and conclusion of contracts of sales, purchase and other types of contracts, but also the development of comprehensive business schemes that consist of a number of transactions and facilitate the achievement of desired economic results with minimal risks and losses for the client. In developing and implementing of such schemes, the client’s goals, the nature of relationship between the parties, tax and other aspects are taken into account. Services include:

  • development and adjustment of contractual scheme with client;
  • preparation(or analysis) of all necessary contracts and other documents;
  • support the signing of contract.

Draft Contracts (Civil, Economic, Foreign Economic And Others): Development And Legal Expertise.

Whichever type of activity your company conducts contracts are the integral part of both the negotiation process and the process of decision implementation. We offer services of preparation and adjustment of all types of contracts, including:

  • economic and foreign economic contracts (conclusion of transaction contracts, supply contracts, procurement and other contracts in the field of trade, services, construction, intellectual property as well as mediation contracts and others);
  • civil contracts (particularly in the area of labor, land and family relationship, intellectual property), etc.

We develop new contracts and perform legal examination of existing draft contracts, which helps to detect risks. We also generate recommendations for changes to the terms of the draft contracts.

Existing Contracts: Legal Expertise

In addition to the development and analysis of draft contracts, we are ready to offer you the services of legal expertise of the existing contracts in order to identify risks and early warning of potential problems. After the examination of existing contracts, we provide recommendations for changes and/or termination of such contracts, and provide support for the coordination of such changes with contractors.