Getting Legal Defense In Courts

Legal Defense

With years of experience in conducting cases and protection of rights in court, we can guarantee a high-quality legal defense in court of any specialization and on all stages of the process, as well as in the arbitration courts and international arbitration.



We are ready to provide a full support of litigation, including appeal court decisions, re-application to the court, up to the actual execution of court decisions, which includes:

  • legal examination of the case, determination of the possibility of resolving the dispute in the pretrial order or the need to appeal to court, determination of risks and prediction of the prospects of litigation;
  • preparation of all procedural documents;
  • representation of client’s interests in court;
  • appealing against the court decisions;
  • recognition of international judgments in Ukraine;
  • enforcement of decisions.

If necessary, we are ready to provide assistance in conducting of forensic examination or receipt of the conclusion of the leading scientific institutions.

Support Of Cases In Economic Courts

Commercial activity of the company is impossible without conclusion of contracts and partnership in business that in turn is a source of risk of various kinds of disputes between the parties. Conciliation on pretrial stage is the best way to resolve the conflict; however, it is not always possible to avoid the appeal to the court.

We offer services of litigation support in economic courts of Ukraine: disputes arising from contractual relations, corporate disputes, disputes with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and others.

The services include situation analysis, preparation of procedural documents and representation of client in court.

Support Of Cases In Administrative Courts (Tax Disputes)

Tax or other government authorities take a decision, but you consider it illegal? Penalty or financial sanctions were applied to you; however, you consider these actions unlawful?

After detailed analysis of decision made by government authority, we will give you our opinion on the legality of these actions; help to create the legal position; send our specialist to protect your interests in the court and, if necessary, support a forensic examination (economic, financial, construction, etc.).

Our company support cases in administrative courts for both legal entities and individuals. We protect clients' interests, particularly in:

  • tax disputes;
  • disputes on appeal the decisions of competent authorities on the application of penalty and / or financial sanctions to business entities;
  • disputes on appeal the actions and / or decisions of public authorities.

Support Of Civil, Labor, Credit, Land And Other Cases Of General Jurisdiction

Every day you are faced with different situations in which everyone can be, without wishing it. You are not returned the money or you are required to pay more than you have owed? "Good" neighbors have flooded your apartment or you have flooded theirs in return? You unwittingly became a participant of the road accident but the insurance company does not want to participate in your event? You want to resign from your job or you have already resigned without your consent? Your land plot is reduced from all sides by the movement of the borders; while the data in the land cadastre do not correspond to reality. All these situations and many others it is often impossible to resolve without professional legal support.

We are ready to provide you with services in support of various kinds of cases in courts of general jurisdiction (civil, labor, land, family, insurance and other disputes). The services include preparation of all procedural documents and representation of client`s in court.

Support Of Cases In Arbitration Courts Of Ukraine

If you are familiar with the stages of formation of the institute of arbitration courts in Ukraine, you have to remember how many debates there were over their decisions and how many efforts were made to impose liability on those who took these decisions. With the changes to the legislation, the situation has stabilized. Now we can use this tool to its original purpose, to resolve conflicts between the parties. However, one should not forget that it is still the court, though not a state, but a legal position on the case as well as search and submission of necessary and acceptable evidence to the court, has not been canceled.

We carry out protection of rights in court; representing the interests of legal entities and individuals in arbitration courts of Ukraine regardless of subject matter of case. We also provide support of the appeal of arbitration decisions. The services include preparation of all procedural documents and representation of client’s interests in arbitration court.

Support Of Cases In The International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) At The Ukrainian Chamber Of Commerce (CCI)

Over the years of work the ICAC at the CCI has gained confidence of both national and foreign companies that conduct foreign trade operations, got a reputation as the most objective arbitration tribunal that is able to consider disputes in terms of prudence and justice, including:

  • disputes from contractual and other civil legal relations arising in the implementation of foreign trade and other international economic relations, in case the business of at least one of the parties is located abroad;
  • disputes of enterprises with foreign investments, international associations and organizations established on the territory of Ukraine, disputes between themselves, disputes between the parties as well as their disputes with other legal entities in Ukraine.

Consideration of the dispute in the ICAC at the CCI has its own procedural peculiarities, requires considerable time and the size of the arbitration fee is not too small in comparison with the cost of the claim, but in many cases it encourages the parties to peaceful resolution of the conflict arisen between them. In case, peaceful conflict resolution is not possible, you should take care in advance the correct formulation of arbitration clause.

Our company deals with conducting cases in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian CCI and provides a full support of arbitration procedure from the moment of approval by the parties of the arbitration clause to the receipt of arbitration decision and/or application request for its abolition. In particular, we carry out preparation of all procedural documents and representation of client’s interests in arbitration hearings.

Support Of Cases In The International Arbitration And Ad Hoc Arbitration

Due to the difficulties and limitations in Ukrainian legislation, Ukrainian business more often enters the level of establishment of holding companies or structural units in other jurisdictions allowing them, inter alia, to optimize the tax burden and conclude contracts in a format that is acceptable to the parties and meet the substance of their agreement without any restrictions. At the same time, the parties carry out from the territory of Ukraine the very procedure of dispute resolution for such agreements, whether it is Stockholm or London Courts of International Arbitration.

We offer our clients the services to represent their interests in the arbitration courts, conduct cases in foreign permanent arbitral institutions, as well as arbitration ad hoc. We provide full support of arbitration proceedings from the appointment of arbitrators and the arbitration procedure harmonization up to receipt of arbitration decision and / or application request for its cancellation.

Recognition Of Decisions Of Arbitration Courts In Ukraine

You have received a positive decision of foreign court (or arbitration) and do not know how to perform the decision in Ukraine by force?

We provide the support of the process of recognition of decisions of arbitration courts in Ukraine with a view to further performance under compulsion. Our experts will independently prepare all necessary documents; represent the clients in court in the process of recognition of the decisions, and you get the expected result.

Enforcement Of Court And Arbitral Decisions Under Compulsion

You have received a decision of the foreign court and even passed the process of recognition of the decision on the territory of Ukraine; however, the party avoids voluntary execution of the court`s decision?

Our company provides the support of the process of execution of arbitration decisions including enforcement. We assume control over enforcement proceedings, help to ensure proper operation of the state executive service and prompt execution of juridical decisions.

Legal Aid And Representation In Criminal Proceedings And In Cases Of Administrative Offences

Qualified lawyers of our company are ready to provide you with protection in criminal cases of any complexity. We render the assistance in all stages of criminal proceedings from institution of criminal case to appeal against decisions of courts and execution of sentence.

In addition, we provide protection in cases of administrative offenses.